Publications 2013

[1] J. Kastner, B. Plank, D. Salaberger, High resolution X-ray computed tomography for quantitative characterization of fiber reinforced polymers and heterogeneous light metals, Proceeding ASNT 22nd Annual Research Symposium, 18.-21. March 2013, Memphis, United States of America

[2] J. Charwat-Pessler, M. Musso, K. Entacher, B. Plank, P. Schuller-Götzburg, S. Tangl, A. Petutschnigg - Improving CT Image Analysis of Augmented Bone with Raman Spectroscopy - Journal of Applied Mathematics, 2013, pp. 8 (Accepted)

[3] B. Plank, F. Ellert, J. Gruber, C. Gusenbauer, J. Kastner - Detection of defects in carbon fiber reinforced polymers by means of visual inspection, ultrasonic testing, digital radiography, active thermography and Xray computed tomography. - DGZfP Annual Conference 2013, Dresden, Germany, 2013, pp. 9 (Accepted)

[4] V. Revol, B. Plank, R. Kaufmann, J. Kastner, C. Kottler, A. Neels - Laminate fibre structure characterisation of carbon fibre-reinforced polymers by X-ray scatter dark field imaging with a grating interferometer - NDT & E INTERNATIONAL, Vol. 58, pp. 64-71, 2013

[5] B. Plank, C. Gusenbauer, D. Salaberger, J. Kastner - Computed tomography links together: A wide range of applications enables interdisciplinary collaborations with research, industry and business - Proceedings FFH 2013, Dornbirn, Austria, 2013, pp. 480-483

[6] T. Köpplmayr, I. Milosavljevic, M. Aigner, R. Hasslacher, B. Plank, D. Salaberger, J. Miethlinger - Influence of fiber orientation and length distribution on the rheological characterization of glass-fiber-filled polypropylene - POLYMER TESTING, Vol. 31, No. 3, 2013, pp. 535-544

[7] W. Stefanie, T. Gruenewald, S. Ostrowski, B. Plank, G. Standfest, B. Mies, A. Petutschnigg - Assessment of mechanical properties of wood-leather panels and the differences in the panel structure by means of X-ray computed tomography - BioResources, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2013, pp. 818-832

[8] A. Reh, B. Plank, J. Kastner, E. Gröller, C. Heinzl. Advanced Visualization Methods for Porosity in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers. 1st International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures (ICTMS 2013), Ghent, Belgium, 2013, pp. 4

[9] A. Amirkhanov, C. Heinzl, C. Kuhn, J. Kastner, E. Gröller, Fuzzy CT Metrology: Dimensional Measurements on Uncertain Data, SCCG 2013: Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, Smolenice castle, Slovakia, 2013

[10] A. Reh, C. Gusenbauer, J. Kastner, E. Gröller, C. Heinzl - MObjects - A Novel Method for the Visualization and Interactive Exploration of Defects in Industrial XCT Data - IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), Vol. 19, No. 12, 2013, pp. 2906-2915

[11] C. Heinzl, J. Kastner - Quantitative Inspection of Complex Composite Aeronautic Parts Using Advanced Xray Technique - Proceedings 3rd EASN Workshop on Aerostructures, Milan, Italy, 2013, pp. 5

[12] D. Salaberger, S. Gleiß, J. Kastner - Comparison of methods to determine fibre length distribution: X-ray CT versus standard method - Int. Conf. Structural Analysis of Advanced Materials, Kos, Greece, 2013

[13] M. Aigner, D. Salaberger - The influence of glass fibres on the longational viscosity studied by means of optical coherence tomography and X-ray computed tomography - PPS 29 Proceedings, Nürnberg (Deutschland) / Nuremberg (Germany), Germany, 2013

[14] D. Salaberger, S. Oberpeilsteiner, M. Palmstingl, T. Koch, J. Kastner: Modellierung von Schädigungsmechanismen von kurz faserverstärkten Polymeren mit Hilfe von Computertomografie – DGM Werkstoffprüfung Proceedings, Neu-Ulm, Deutschland, November 2013 (Accepted)

[15] D. Salaberger, W. Li, J. Kastner - Characterization of bent cellulose fibres using Micro-CT analysis, 1st International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures (ICTMS 2013), Ghent, Belgium, 2013

[16] C. Gusenbauer, J. Kastner, B. Plank, S. Baumgartner, B. Harrer, G. Requena, G. Garcés - Microstructure characterization of thermomechanically treated Al- and Mg-alloys by high resolution X-ray computed tomography - Euromat, Sevilla, Spain, 2013

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